Tickell Talks (from the director of Fuel and The Big Fix)

TICKELL TALKS Sundays at 12noon PST / 3pm EST

Listen to Josh as he interviews experts in the fields of advanced fuels, solar energy, wind, new energy technologies, biotech, eco-agriculture and green chemistry as well as automotive experts, finance experts and the people who are building a new generation of green industrial processes for everything from making drinking spirits greener to greening our schools and hospitals.

The driver of the show is simple – it’s the bottom line. Every week, every subject is tied to money saved, and money made. Don’t think Green is a big money maker? Well, Bloomberg cites cleantech as over a $250 Billion dollar a year industry – that’s Billion with a “B.” And it’s growing exponentially. So whether you agree with the green ethos or you want more green in your pocket, listen to TICKELL TALKS Sundays at 12noon PST / 3pm EST. 

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